You've decided that you want to move. Do you first BUY a new home then sell your existing home, or do you SELL your existing home first and then buy your new home? Actually, unlike the chicken and egg scenario of which came first, one way is better. You almost ALWAYS sell your home first! This approach gives you total control of the situation. You see if you find a home first, you have to put in an offer "contingent upon selling your existing home". This makes your offer much weaker and the seller is less likely to be that flexible with the price and terms. You can't control when a buyer will come along to buy your home. More than likely the Seller will still want to Market their home giving you "first right of refusal" should another offer come in before your home sells. On the other hand, if you list your home first, when an offer comes in you can make the offer "contingent upon seller (you) finding a new home". This way you now know how much you are going to get from the sale of your existing home as well as when you can settle on the new home. Buyers are much more likely to wait than sellers. And if the buyers are not willing to wait, you are no worse off than had you never listed your home in the first place.

You want to sell your home. Do you try it yourself as a FSBO (for sale by owner), or do you list it with a GOOD Realtor and pay a commission? Many people ask themselves that very question. Do FSBO's sell? Absolutely! But fewer than you think... Statistics show that most FSBO's will list there home within 30 days if they can't sell it themselves. But more importantly is why didn't it sell and what did it cost the seller to be a FSBO? Here are some of the reasons to list your home with a Realtor:
COMMISSION DISCOUNTED: Buyers know that FSBO's are not paying a commission so they deduct the commission amount from the price before they even start to negotiate. A GOOD Realtor will negotiate to get you the highest "net amount" for your home. Usually higher even after paying the commission.
SECURITY RISKS: It shows a home is vacant when no one answers the phone. A GOOD Realtor will handle ALL calls and make appointments to show your home at a time and date convenient to you. Make sure your Realtor's Office is open 7 days a week so the caller gets to talk to a live person.
MISSED CALLS: You work during the day when most buyers call. There is no one home to handle these calls except for an answering machine. Again, your Realtor's Office should be open 7 days a week so the caller gets to talk to a live person.
NO LEGAL REPRESENTATION: Seller's Disclosure Laws, Contract Law, Fair Housing & State Laws, to name a few. A GOOD Realtor will take care of ALL the LEGAL forms required by the state to sell your home.
UNQUALIFIED BUYERS: Entering into a contract with unqualified buyers can keep your house tied up and off the market for a while. A GOOD Realtor will Pre-Qualify and Pre-Approve Buyers before showing them your home.
BUYER AGENCY: Because of recent law changes, Realtors are now representing Buyers. What this means is that Realtors are looking FOR and negotiating FOR the buyers. If you are not in the "System" (MLS), you won't be found. If you are found, you will be negotiating through the Realtor who is representing the Buyer and NOT directly with the buyer. And since the Buyer Agency Agreement is going to require the Seller to pay the Buyer Agency fee (commission) on behalf of the buyer, you are going to wind up paying a Realtor his commission if you want to sell to his buyer anyway.
SELLING -vs- MARKETING: A local Newspaper Ad and a sign in the front yard is not any way to sell your most valuable investment. In addition to putting a Sign in the front yard and Advertising in the local paper, a GOOD Realtor will Market your home in the Multi List System (MLS), On the Internet, Harmon Homes, Real Estate Weekly, Homes Plus, Flash Sheets, Open Houses, Caravans, Neighbors, other Realtors, and mailers. A GOOD Realtor will also deal with Referral and Relocation departments of major corporations. What this means is MORE Buyers and more buyers means a HIGHER Price!

1) Why should you use a Realtor to PURCHASE a home?
2) Why use ANDY KOZUSKO?
Two good questions... Let me answer them for you... Finding a home in today's market requires up-to-the minute monitoring in order to get to the new listings FIRST! The MLS books, Internet sites, and assorted newspaper and magazine ads that most Realtors use ALL have "lag times" from when the homes first went on the market. This delay may be as much as two weeks! By the time you get to see, hear, or read about the newly listed homes, they're often already SOLD! Working with a GOOD Realtor will allow you to get a jump on the other buyers! ANDY is very computer oriented and he deals in "Real Time". He has access to ALL the LISTINGS by ALL the Realtors! ANDY will enter your name in a computer program. As soon as a listing is entered (by ANY Realtor, from ANY Office) he'll have the information IMMEDIATELY!. If your criteria matches the new listing, your name will appear with the listing on his report. ANDY will then email these listings directly to you. You get to see a picture as well as full details about the home. This saves you time from having to filter through ALL the listings and allows you to get a jump on the other buyers RIGHT AWAY! As "ANDY'S CLIENT" you are set-up with "Auto-Prospecting" where these new listings are emailed directly to you as they are entered so you don't have to keep running a search every day! The listings will come to you as they are entered! In the past, ALL Realtors represented the Seller. The Buyer was on his/her own. Recently, the laws have changed to where the Buyer now has the right to be or not be "REPRESENTED" by a Realtor. What this means to you is that, before, ANDY could give you information about a property. Now if ANDY'S REPRESENTING YOU, he can also give you ADVICE! (on price, location, condition, etc.) Finding a home is only half the battle. ANDY DOES MORE! He's an Investor and he's been buying Real Estate for over 20 years. As a Landlord, ANDY'S background would be a great asset to you in looking at the "price, location, and condition" of the homes you are considering as well. There is NO COST to you to be REPRESENTED! ANDY is paid with the commission from the sale (by the Seller!). Be careful, some Realtors charge a "transaction fee". This is a fee to you that is over and above the commission. ANDY has no transaction fees... So, in conclusion, the answers to the above questions are:

1) The Seller is going to pay a commission when you buy a home. Take advantage of this and be REPRESENTED!

2) ANDY is HIGH TECH and he deals in REAL TIME. Take advantage of this and get a jump on the other buyers! "Get Represented"

Remember, ANDY has NO transaction fees!

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