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In the past ALL Realtors represented the Seller. The Buyer was on his or her own in the home purchasing process. Recently, the laws have changed to where the Buyer now has the right to be or not be REPRESENTED by a Realtor. What this means to you is that, before, I could only give you information about a property. Now, if I'm REPRESENTING you, I can also give you ADVICE! (on price, location, condition, etc.)

Being Represented means that in addition to showing you homes listed with any Realtor, I can also show you FSBOS (for sale by owners) and EXPIREDS (properties that have been taken off the market because they didn't sell during the listing period for one reason or another). More homes means MORE CHOICES!

Going to OPEN HOUSES? Why buy from the Realtor sitting that Open House? They are Representing the SELLER! They are getting paid by the Seller to Protect the SELLER'S Interests. If you buy from them, they will get paid DOUBLE and STILL represent the Seller's best Interests. Get your OWN Realtor to Represent YOU and YOUR best interests! And best of all, the SELLER is going to foot the bill...

I'm an Investor and I've been buying Real Estate for over 20 years. As a Landlord, my background would be a great asset to you in looking at the "price, location, and condition" of the homes you are considering.

There is NO COST to you to be REPRESENTED! I am paid with the commission from the sale (by the Seller!). I am HIGH TECH and I deal in REAL TIME. Take advantage of this and get a jump on the other buyers!

If you wish, "Get Represented". Otherwise, click "continue" to search for Open Houses.

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